Jet Setting – Montreal Bound

I’m equal parts excited and anxious at the moment.

Way back in May, CropLife asked if I would like to attend the Food Bloggers of Canada conference as a sponsored blogger… and of course, I said sure!

Fast forward five months and I’m sitting at my designated gate at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. I’m waiting for my flight to board, biding my time on social media… and they announce they’ve oversold the flight.

Not the best start to my hopefully fun-filled weekend in Montreal.

Other passengers around me say that as long as you have a seat – aka bought your ticket before, y’know, a half hour ago – then you should be fine. But if not, the airline will ask for volunteers to be bumped to another flight.

Barring that, I might have to pull a Tom Cruise and hang on for dear life to the side of the plane…

(j/k obviously)

Despite all this, my excitement remains.  Although I drove through Montreal as a kid a few dozen times on the way to the Eastern Townships to visit family, I’ve never had the chance to actually be a tourist in this beautiful city.  That’s not to say I will have loads of free time; #FBC2015 has a jam packed schedule for us which I’m really looking forward to.
But there is a bit of down time on Saturday afternoon for conference attendees to do as they wish.  So I’m hoping to get at least one touristy adventure in.

Where would you go if you had some free time in Montreal?  I’d love some suggestions from anyone familiar with the city.

P. S. My sponsor person from CropLife booked me a king bed.  SO EXCITED. 😉

One thought on “Jet Setting – Montreal Bound

  1. Judy,
    Regardless of your religious beliefs or non beliefs, visit a Catholic Cathedral. Light a candle vigil, sit and say a quiet prayer. Experience some French culture and cuisine. Purchase something for Judy and Andrew for a memory. Do not allow the TPP to frighten you. Everything is changing, the only thing that does not change , is change itself. Look for a solution and be competitive with your business.

    George P. Hebert


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