GMOs Are Going to Make My Head Explode

Have you ever eaten a papaya or drank papaya juice?  I have news for you.

It was likely a GM papaya, that is, a genetically modified papaya that you ate or drank the juice of.  That essentially means that the genetics of the papaya have been, well, modified.  In a lab.  By scientists.

But I ask you – is that such a bad thing?

Before you answer that, take a gander at this video by GMO Answers that explains (very well, I might add) the complicated biotechnology behind why almost all papayas coming from Hawaii are now GM’d.

The reason that we have GM crops is to combat things that can harm or kill those crops, the idea being that if crops die, that makes it pretty difficult for farmers to grow food for everyone to eat.  If there’s a way – a safe, healthy way – to grow these same crops and cause them to become resistant to and/or tolerant of destructive entities like bugs, weather and drought, doesn’t it make sense to use that growing method so that we can all, y’know, continue to have food on our plates every day?

I hope to continue to explore this issue, especially in light of what’s been happening with our continental neighbours recently.  Are there any particular questions YOU have about GM crops/foods that you’d like me to cover?  What about GMO labeling – do you think it’s necessary?  Why or why not?

I would love to know what you think about this issue, as it is such a hot and controversial topic (but does it need to be? Does it matter? SO many questions!).  But for now, I’m going to stop reading about it – and all the craziness surrounding the For and Against – before my head actually does explode.  Or at least, gets a really raucous headache.

2 thoughts on “GMOs Are Going to Make My Head Explode

  1. I feel the same stress when reading about this topic because there are so many angles to look at. In the last few years I have taken a big interest in learning about biotechnology and I am of a strong opinion that GMOs are safe and necessary in feeding the world population going forward. I think the more of us that are involved in agriculture, that actually explain how labeling would affect our operations – the better people would understand why people in the industry are against it. It will not only hurt farmers but also the lower income members of society. It is so much more complicated than slapping a sticker on a box. I would love to see more blog posts covering the labeling issue from the farmers perspective.


    1. I completely agree. Labeling is so much more complicated than people believe it to be. I am planning on posting more about it soon so my readers can start to really understand what it would mean from the perspective of who it actually would impact the most – farmers.


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