All Dogs Go to Heaven

Farming is real life.

Yesterday, we lost one of our dogs.  We had three; our dog, Winnie, and then two other dogs – Chase and Sydney – that belonged to our farming partners, my in-laws.

Sydney was a black lab mix that had been with my husband’s family for almost 10 years.  They bought her as a puppy after hearing about a litter for sale on an AM radio buy-sell-trade show called Swap Shop.  She had been with their family ever since.

Some people don’t like dogs.  Believe it or not, I’m actually kind of afraid of them.  But dammit if they don’t kind of break your heart sometimes.

The companionship of a dog is unconditional.  No matter what, they’re almost always happy to see you.  And that happiness is pretty infectious, especially if you’ve had one of those unrelenting, bad news around every corner kind of days.


Sydney (foreground) and Chase, just chillin’ on the front porch.

Sydney was a great dog.  She was an even greater farm dog.  She was okay with people, good with the cows and great with our kids.  She always barked if somebody came in the yard, unless it was one of our cars and then she would just wander over to say hello when she felt like it.  Sydney loved to be petted and would force you to do it continuously once you started by, no word of a lie, sitting directly on your feet and leaning all her weight on your legs so you couldn’t help but be stranded and therefore keep petting her (and try to figure out how you’d ever move again; she was a big dog).

Our dog, Winnie, and Sydney played well together and generally liked each other.  But when Chase came to the Campbell homestead, Syd was quick to put him in his place… and then finally, eventually, tolerate him.  But you could tell the two were smitten with each other.  Sometimes.

All this is to say that…

… I’ll miss you, Sydser.

We all will.

Sydney on the stairs

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