Cars, Trains and the Pan Am Games

So the Huz and I are on the GO train right now, going from Burlington to downtown Toronto.  While we are in the city for a family wedding, everyone else is presumeably in the city for the Pan Am Games.  There are a ton of people on this train and the closer we get to downtown, the more people are flooding into it.
As someone who calls rural Ontario home, I do quite enjoy visiting Toronto.  It’s the polar opposite of what I’m used to – conjested, tons of people, super busy everywhere, just about any type of food to eat or activity to do.  And even though I’ve been here several times (this is my second time this month, in fact!), perhaps it’s the strangeness and difference that I enjoy the most.
In the country, things change very slowly, usually with the seasons.  You don’t generally see big, drastic changes. And if you do, you’re already expecting them because you’ve heard or been told of what’s happening (a.k.a. the town news). 
In Toronto, it’s different.  The city is a different one every single time I’m here.  Even if I stay at the same hotel from one visit to the next, I can still make a new discovery or see something I’ve never seen before. 
And I love it.  I love being open minded and still curious about a place I’ve been to a number of times before.  I never assume that I know all there is to know about this or any other city I visit, simply because I don’t (and never could).

I wonder what would happen if city dwellers extended the same openness and curiosity to visiting and experiencing the country?  Or do they already?

It may not seem quite as exciting or thrilling to spend a day or two in the countryside as it does in the city… but I think it’s still worth the journey to find out.

2 thoughts on “Cars, Trains and the Pan Am Games

  1. As a city dweller, I love heading out to the country for the day or weekend! Its such a nice break from the hustle, noise and stimulus. You tend to appreciate experiences that are unique to your everyday I think.

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    1. I totally agree. I think it’s important to both recognize the great things about where you live but also be able to appreciate what alternative surroundings have to offer.


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