Lighten Up and Learn Something (about parody videos and farming)

Okay, so raise your hand if you feel like my #farmfriday posts have been pretty… heavy.  Emotional.  Controversial.

*everyone raises their hand.  Even me.*

Especially after last Friday’s post, I wondered if maybe I might be able to lighten the hell up for a minute.  Well, guess what?
I can!
Except I’m kind of going to piggyback on someone else’s lightening up (or however you say that).  You know that I’m a proud farm girl who is always going to advocate for agriculture AND encourage consumers to educate themselves before they decide how they feel about agriculture and its many (very complex!) facets.  So I always love coming across other farmers who are doing the same thing as I am.  And doing it (way) better.
The Peterson Farm Bros are, as their name suggests, brothers who farm together in Kansas.  You may or may not have heard of them before because they kind of have a bit of a following on YouTube.  A few years ago, they came up with a pretty brilliant method of educating the general public about farming and agriculture – via parody videos.  They’ll take a song that’s super popular then write their own lyrics, plan out and film a music video for it, edit it down and then post it to their YouTube channel.  Their very first video was a parody of I’m Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO called I’m Farming and I Grow It.  It went viral and had over 4 million hits after just 1 week. Cra-zay!
The brothers range in age from late teens to mid twenties so they really understand that, to get their message across, they need to stay socially relevant in what they put out and keep using socially relevant tools.  So needless to say, they are very active on social media.  Reading through some of the comment threads on their Facebook page just makes me smile.  No matter what people say in the comments, the Peterson Farm Bros are quick to respond with what they know to be the truth of the matter – and most with a lighthearted ‘LOL.’  They are educated, passionate and more than willing to help others understand what it’s like to be a farmer and work in agriculture in today’s world.  These boys are, literally and figuratively, outstanding in their field! (Yeah, I couldn’t help myself there. #sorrynotsorry)
And with that, I leave you with one of their amazing videos from their YouTube channel – a farm parody medley. Enjoy!
Feature image courtesy of The Peterson Farm Bros Facebook page.

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