Life in the “Life” Lane

Sometimes, life can get busy.  Lately – and I mean for the last 3 months, lately – I’ve noticed that my life has just been constantly busy.  No lull, no break.  Just busybusybusy.

Let’s talk about that for a minute.  Because I think you can probably relate.

First, we had Christmas.  Between my family and my in-laws, we had 7 Christmases to attend in as many days.  That includes travelling to and from my home town 2 hours away.  But despite how crazy it was (two kids + snowsuits = brain exploding), we had a wonderful holiday season and were able to attend all of the events we wanted to attend, which really was a major feat in and of itself.  Go, us!

Then January 1st, #farm365 happened.  If you’re not sure what that is, just go to Twitter (or Google) and search that hashtag.  Essentially, my Huz thought up a cool way to try and educate consumers on where their food comes from and what happens on a regular ol’ dairy farm like ours.  Sometime between Christmas and New Year’s day, he proposed the idea of posting a picture of daily farm happenings every day for a year on his Twitter account (@freshairfarmer if you’re interested).  And before he’d even decided to actually do it (he just wondered if people thought it was a good idea), CBC called.  And then the London Free Press called.  And then the local CTV outlet came out for an on-camera interview.  And then he decided he’d better do #farm365.

As with many initiatives like this, the lovers AND the haters came out.  Without going into too much detail, let’s just say we’ve beefed up our farm security measures and have been working with a great team of people who help farmers deal with adversity on social media. We are a small part of a very, very awesome farming community and I, for one, am extremely thankful for that!  It’s been…. crazy, scary, and majorly intimidating but also exciting, thought-provoking and humbling (in a nice way) all at the same time. And so it will go until December 31st of this year.

Another major life event for us was our son’s 1st birthday.  We are literally in the depths of birthday party hangover today, complete with saucy kidlets and sugar detox.  But if there’s one major take-away from having a 20+ person birthday party for a one-year-old, it’s that nothing beats getting together with the whole family.  Every person we invited was able to make it (even my 8.5 months pregnant sister!) and everybody had a great time, as far as I can tell, anyway.  Check out the cake that we had made, too! Can you guess the party theme…?


And I suppose another thing I should probably mention because it’s sort of a big deal but not really…

I’m back to writing.  And I don’t just mean I’m going to publish here much more frequently (and I will!).  I mean, I gave my resignation to my corporate day job (I’d been on maternity leave and here in Canada, that’s a full year off with the babe) and have started my own business as a freelance writer.

Wow, I said it.  Saying it out loud makes it that much more real for me.  Talk about terrifyingly exciting, right?  Being a writer has always been MY. DREAM. JOB. For pretty much my entire life, it was either writing or becoming a shrink (seriously).  I think my mother still has tapes (yes, tapes. I’m totally dating myself here, I know) of me reciting stories I’d written/made up myself, complete with sound effects and character voices.  In ninth grade, I even had the opportunity to become a published author but turned it down (I blame teenage hormones for that stellar life decision). And as much as I enjoy helping people work through their problems, my imagination is WAY too overactive to not put that stuff down on paper for someone else to (hopefully!  Please!) read and enjoy.

So that’s probably the most major, life changing decision I’ve made so far this year.  NBD.  It’s still only February 1st.

Oh, and did I mention I’m currently training to run my first half marathon?  13.1 miles or 26.2 kilometers.  Whatever measurement you prefer, it’s still a helluva long distance to run.  Am I insane?  As a runner, no.  As a person still fighting to come off the month-long sugar high that was Christmas (and don’t forget the birthday party hangover!), certainly yes.  But I’m doing it.  And every time I step onto the treadmill (no -20 outdoor running for me – yet), I reaffirm why I am in love with the sport of distance running.  It’s hard but I can do it.  There’s never a question; put on shoes, plug in treadmill, turn on treadmill, press start, run.  One foot in front of the other at a pace I can handle (sometimes a little faster if it’s a speed work day).  Such a great metaphor for life!  Super cheesy, sure, but totally true.

Handling all this busyness has not been easy and it is not getting any easier.  I have never been super awesome at organization around the home, something that has always baffled me because I am pretty organized in most other areas of life.  Sometimes I find myself waiting for a slower day, a day when I can mentally/emotionally/physically catch up with the life around me.  But it just doesn’t come.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though.  I lead a very good life full of many, many blessings.  I know this.  So in order to make sure that I live my life and not let it pass me by, I need to apply my running strategy to my life – one foot in front of the other at a pace I can handle.  Two small children, a husband, a farm, an established business, a new business, distance running, eating well, socializing… It sure sounds like a lot to handle when I write it down like that…

But I got this.

One foot in front of the other at a pace I can handle.

2 thoughts on “Life in the “Life” Lane

  1. Good for you Jess. Set your sights on what you desire and go for it. You have been blessed in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your dreams with us. I, for one, will live thru you.


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