So. This is blogging.

This is so funny.  Now that I’m actually here, sitting in front of my computer, thinking of something to say… my mind is blank.

Of course.

Let’s start with this.  Hi.  I’m Jess, and this is my blog, Run, Farm Girl! Run!  I am a runner, a farmer, a mother to two phenomenal babies (and I’m not just saying that, they are pretty amazing 99.9% of the time), wife to The Huz… and… well… that’s it at this point.

That’s not to say I have no identity outside of being a wife/mother/runner/farmer.  To take a great line from the pilot episode of my favourite TV show (long off the air but now on Netflix – wee!), “I have my own things!”  For example…

I love to read.  If the book is that good, I will read until all hours of the early morning, knowing full well that either or both of my young children might/will likely wake up earlier than usual, thus giving me about 3 hours of sleep.  Since neither of my children is a newborn, 3 hours of sleep is not enough… unless it helped me to get to the next chapter, the next page, the next line of a really, really good book.

I like to work out.  Notice I didn’t say ‘love.’ I am working on transitioning that like to a love, and it is coming, albeit slowly.  My son – Kid 2 – was born 9 months ago.  As any woman who has given birth will understand, getting the baby weight to disappear can be challenging.  For me, this is definitely an accurate description.  But it seems that quickly putting one foot in front of the other as well as lifting heavy things repeatedly helps with making extra pounds disappear.  So I’m going to keep doing that.

I love to eat.  Notice I said love this time, ha ha!  Specifically, I love to bake.  There is just something so rewarding and gratifying about putting several ingredients together, timing it right, heating it at just the exact temperature to then see it come out of the oven looking darn near perfect.  And the smell of something baking…. Oh!  The Smell.  I mean really – tell me that you’re not smelling freshly baked bread right now.  Or freshly baked apple pie (or blueberry or lemon meringue or insert-your-favourite-pie-flavour-here pie).  And cue your mouth watering.  Just YUM.

I don’t cook as well as I bake but I am, however, learning to enjoy cooking as much as I enjoy baking.  This means I am cooking more than I used to.  So far, so good.  It is a new challenge to overcome – especially BBQ-ing (my culinary nemesis!).  And who knows? Maybe I’ll even share a recipe or two (or 17,000) with you.

I love to write, although I haven’t done it consistently in a very, very long time.  As a writer, I feel that sometimes your creativity can become a bit stifled by your own mind.  What I mean is, I talked myself out of writing because I didn’t think what I had to say was worth writing down/sharing.  Well, after much thought, some planning and a summoning of a mountain of courage, that is changing with this very blog.  So there.

As it so happens, it’s time for me to go help with chores.  The ‘farm’ part of RFGR is 450 acres of cash & feed crop and 60 Holstein milking cows.  My job, every Tuesday and Thursday evenings, is to tend to the calves – feed them, water them and generally make sure they are doing well.  I also push feed, scrape behind the cows (basically, cleaning up what they don’t poo or pee into the gutter cleaner behind them.  Yes, a glamorous job!) and anything else that needs doing while I’m there to do it.  I don’t do this every evening because, as I mentioned, I have two small children.  ‘Nuff said.  But even so, I’m hoping to become a more participatory member of our farm as the children get older and my time is less structured.  But that’s another blog post for another day.  In the mean time, off I go to get my barn clothes and boots on (and a toque/hat – it’s cold tonight!) and get out to help my Huz and FIL get chores done.

Thanks for reading, whoever you are. 🙂

6 thoughts on “So. This is blogging.

  1. Hey Jess! Great to see you’re re-discovering one of your passions. I look forward to reading more…especially (as a city-dweller) about the affective dimensions of farm life. Keep it up!


  2. Jess! What a perfect way to capture your life! I love it, witty, funny, and so unbelievably real! Congratulations on the beginning of this new adventure, I look forward to reading your next post and posts to come! Yay you!


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